Thomas Kirk is a Crime and Thriller writer. He was born and raised in southwest Oregon. His first novel…

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My Next Book

No rest for the wicked. Nor those who write about them. I am pressing on and making good progress with my next novel, Twilight Hour.

Detective Harry Olsen takes to the shadowy streets of Baltimore in a desperate search for his most dangerous adversary yet. At the precinct and in the press they are calling him ‘The Shadow Man’…read more

Book Tour Next Month

I’m really looking forward to being at that marvellous establishment on Cloistergate on March 12th. No, the even better one opposite The Royal Oak pub – the Arbon and Watt more

Out Now

Eight short stories and a novella come together in the Dead Ends collection. Go with relentless detective Harry Olsen on a headlong chase through shadowed streets littered with secrets and lies, cold truth and illusion, the innocent and the guilty.

read more
Olsen’s Road

I will be publishing a Harry Olsen short story next week, and it gives the most revealing insights yet into the making of the detective. The story takes you back to meet Olsen as a young man, a University student full of dreams and aspirations. read more