Galhan’s father had been a great man. The Cragmoor Clans followed him for long years, trusting to his masterful leadership. His father had been the unmovable anchor when the storm of battle came, and the rock on which prosperity and peace had been built. But Galhan’s father was not immortal. Now that he was dead the clans were looking to his son.

Galhan knew their hopes were vain. He was cut from different cloth. Leadership and all its woes could weigh its stifling mantle on other shoulders as far as Galhann was concerned. He had his own plans. Good plans for a quiet life with the girl he was about to wed. Last thing on his mind was being a more

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The Sequel to WarChief is Almost here!

GUARDIANS is a thundering siege epic full of tension, interspersed with gritty action set-pieces.
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Warchief Book Signing

I’m really looking forward to being at that marvellous establishment on Cloistergate on March 12th. No, the even better one opposite The Royal Oak pub – the Arbon and Watt more